Media files for the manuscript Musical tonality and synchronization

  • sound of unlocking
  • Modulations are demonstrated using  the prelude in C major by Bach with the Ave Maria melody added by Charles Gounod (‘Bach C’), Mozart Laudate Dominum (‘Mozart LD’), Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 21 Andante (Mozart 21), Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 23 third movement (Mozart 23), Chopin – Piano Concerto No. 1 (Chopin 1), Shostakovich Piano Concerto no.2 (Shostakovich  2), Ripples by Genesis, In the Cage by Genesis, Cinema Show by Genesis, Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield and Frere Jacques (songwriter unknown). In the columns’ titles ‘S’ stands for source, ‘A’ for the dominant to vise-dominant modulation, ‘I’ for the inter-system modulation from μ2 (12 notes per octave) to μ3 (19 notes per octave), and ‘T’ for the f→1-f modulation. Red colored piano keys represent notes that are transformed to notes detached from the μsystem.
Bach C V, C V V V V
Mozart LD V, C V V V
Mozart 21 C C
Mozart 23 C, C, C C, C, C V
Chopin 1 C,C C,C
Shostakovich 2 C C
Genesis – Ripples V, C C
Genesis – In the Cage C C
Genesis – Cinema Show C C
Tubular Bells C C
Frere Jacques V, C V V V V